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10 Filipino Phrases Foreign Tourists Should Know

Shopping Destinations in Manila

Welcome to the Philippines, dear traveler!  Visiting this beautiful country is one of the best travel decisions you can make. Survival in any foreign country entails that you must have a working vocabulary of at least 10 words or expressions in the local language. This will not only be useful for communicating your needs, but […]

Transportation in the Philippines – by Air

Transportation in the Philippines by Air 1

The major gateway to the Philippines is the Ninoy Aquino International Airport which is located in the capital – Manila. With the increasing number of tourist, the airports are being upgraded to handle more passengers and bigger planes. Here are some of the growing list of International Airports in the country which may be your […]

Transportation in the Philippines – by Land

jeepney transportation in the philippines

Since you’ll be traveling all over the Philippines, you should know what different modes of transportation that you can take to get around. There’s a good mix of traditional and modern transportation in the Philippines from trains to jeepneys and from ferries to bangka (outrigger canoes). There’s quite a lot of options to choose from […]