This is just a part of a series of post about the different modes of transportation in the Philippines. If you are looking for Land or Air transport available in the country just click the hyperlinks.

by Sea

The Philippines is composed of 7,107 islands. If you’ll be traveling all over the country, you’ll eventually have to travel by sea. Here are the different means of transportation in the Philippines by sea:


Roll-on/roll-off ships ferry passengers, vehicles and cargoes from one island to another. If you are not in a hurry, you can try this plus the fare is much cheaper compared to planes. I’ve recently rode a RORO from Caticlan (Boracay) to Batangas. The ship has good accommodations and facilities. The service is good too. You can check-out their website here:

2GO RORO transportation in the Philippines


Fast Craft/Fast Ferry/Catamaran

There are also fast craft vessels that you could use for going to one island province to another. These are popularly known as the SuperCat (although SuperCat is actually a name of one of the companies offering this service). It is more commonly used in the provinces in the Visayas where the island provinces are just within a few hours from each other. The fare is a little bit high but you’re paying for the comfort and arriving in your destination faster.

Here are the websites of some companies offering this service:

SuperCat website

Weesam Express

Boat Schedule | WEESAM EXPRESS

Ocean Jet

Bangka/outrigger canoe/pumpboat

The most popular transporation in the Philippines on the seas is the bangka. They are used for transportation and fishing. They come in different sizes. The capacity ranges from 2 to a 100 persons. It can be just paddle power or motorized. Similar to jeepneys, they are colorful and have cool and sometimes funny names. This is what you would usually use for trips in areas that have no access to the bigger sea vessels mentioned above. This is used for island hopping, snorkeling, diving and ferrying passengers.