Lately, I’ve noticed that there are a lot of Tune Hotels popping up. I always wanted to try staying in one since I’ve heard good reviews about it.

The opportunity came when I needed a place to stay for an early morning exam. I live in the north of Metro Manila and the exam would be in Heritage Hotel which is in the south. Since I don’t want to be late and be stressed out by the traffic, I booked a room in Tune Hotels Aseana City.

Tune Hotels Aseana 24

Tune Hotels Aseana was just opened I think a month before I checked-in on September 2014. I really enjoyed my stay and when there’s a Tune Hotel on my next destination it would be on top of my list. And the following 10 are the ones why you should consider it too.

1. ‘Pay As You Use’ System

The unique thing about Tune Hotels is they give you the freedom to choose the services or amenities that you would like to avail.
The basic room would be with just a regular fan room. You can choose whether to have avail of air conditioning, wifi, towels and toiletries. I availed of the Cozy Package which gives a huge discount compared to getting the add-ons individually.

tune hotels addons

Tune Hotels Add-ons

There are also extra charges for early check-in, late check-out and luggage storage. The early check-in and late check-out bloated my fees incredibly but I needed it so I just added these extras with my eyes closed.

I encountered a problem though with this set-up. I availed of the early check-in so I arrived there about 11am. I also availed of the late check-out so my check-out time is 2pm. When I went to my room after the exam at 12nn, the TV is no longer working. I guess the 24 hours was already consumed since I think their timer started at 11am. Although, I opted for the late check-out it doesn’t necessarily mean that the add-ons would be extended too. Too bad because it’s supposed to be my time to relax and watch TV after the exam. This is something to keep in mind when availing of the add-ons.

2. Electronic Key Card

Tune Hotels Aseana 25

Control Panel inside the room

An electronic key card is something you don’t find in budget hotels. Tune Hotels really take it up a notch by using this technology. It is easier to store than keys. You don’t need to take it out of your wallet to use it. All you need to do is to tap it on to the sensor to enter your room. You also use this to turn the electricity on your room.

Tune Hotels Aseana 17

Key card Sensor at the door

Tune Hotels Aseana 18

Just tap your key card to open the door

I had a hard time using it in elevators though since you also need the key card to use the elevator. I was kinda ‘trapped’ in the elevator with an old lady since we’re having difficulty on how to properly use it. It didn’t register the floor that we wanted to go to even though we’re tapping and pressing the buttons like crazy. Luckily, one helpful staff noticed our predicament (going up and down several times without reaching our desired floor) and showed us how to do it properly. Apparently, you have to tap and press the button of your desired floor at the same time and NOT tap then press since a delay of a few microseconds then it would no longer recognize the number that you pressed LOL.

3. Super Comfortable Bed

Tune Hotels boasts of their 5 star beds. Indeed, it was one of the most comfortable I have ever slept on. If only I don’t have to review for the exam, I’d be sleeping like a baby all day on this super comfortable bed and oh so fluffy pillows.

Tune Hotels Aseana 27

The comfy bed

Tune Hotels Aseana 28

Bed with a big mirror headboard

4. Power Shower

Another thing that I really enjoyed is the power shower. All rooms have ensuite private bathrooms with heated power shower. You don’t need to pay extra.

Tune Hotels Aseana 7

Power Shower

Tune Hotels Aseana 8

Power shower with the soap and shampoo holder

Here’s what the bathroom looks like:

Tune Hotels Aseana 26

The bathroom. Please note that the door is glass frosted door.

Tune Hotels Aseana 3

The sink

Tune Hotels Aseana 4

The toilet with bidet sprayer

Tune Hotels Aseana 5

Tune Hotels Aseana 6

5. Large Windows

Every floor has large windows with a good view of the city.

Tune Hotels Aseana 10

Tune Hotels Aseana 21

Each room also has a window which is useful if you won’t be avail of the air conditioning. There’s nothing spectacular about the view from the room since all you’ll see is the the neighboring building on one side and some old buildings near Baclaran on the other side.

6. Safety Deposit Box

Every room has their own safe where you can store your valuables. Again, such a nice touch for a budget hotel.
Tune Hotels Aseana 19

7. Hassle-free Booking and Loyalty Points

Booking for a room is easy. Just go to their website and reserve a room like booking for a flight. It is also here that you’ll select the add-ons for your room.

***Update*** I did some additional research and I found out that you can get huge discounts from Agoda. I was able to book a room at 50% discount. Go to Agoda website, just click here and you might be able to steal a bargain too.

If you decided to just walk-in without booking in advance, you’ll have to book using the computers in the lobby.

From what I know, the rate starts at P888 per night. Please note though that there are additional charges: 10% service charge and 12% VAT.

tune hotels room features

Check thoroughly the available features

They are also part of the AirAsia Big Loyalty Programme which give you points for every. The points can be redeemed for free flights or rooms. Just make sure to file a claim for the points to be credited to your account within 30 days. This is what happened to me the 30 day period expired and sadly, I didn’t get any points.

8. Friendly Staffs

The moment I entered the hotel, I was greeted and assisted by their courteous and friendly staffs. The receptionists assisted me for my late check-in and provided me the electronic key card and wifi access. They also wished me luck for my exam the next day.

Tune Hotels Aseana 23

Tune Hotels Aseana lobby

The staffs are well-trained and always have a smile on their face.

9. Accessibility

All Tune Hotels that I know are accessible to malls, airports, tourist attractions and business centers
Tune Hotels Aseana is just a few steps away from Jollibee, 7-Eleven and S&R. There are no shops yet on the ground floor when I stayed there but I saw some available spaces for lease.

Tune Hotels Aseana 13

Tune Hotels Aseana near S&R

Tune Hotels Aseana 15

Tune Hotels Aseana near City of Dreams Manila

10. Parking

If you’ll be bringing a car, there’s a parking at the 2nd floor of the Tune Hotels Aseana City for their guests.

I didn’t know that they have a parking since I didn’t see any in their picture gallery. I just found out about it when the elevator opened at the 2nd floor.

These are the reasons why I’ll be checking-in again to Tune Hotels. They had set the standard high for budget hotels in the Philippines which would only make things better for us travelers and the whole tourism industry.

Here are some more pics of the room and hallway:

Tune Hotels Aseana 1

Tune Hotels Aseana 2

Tune Hotels Aseana 9

Tune Hotels Aseana 11

Tune Hotels Aseana 12

Tune Hotels Aseana 14

Tune Hotels Aseana 16

Tune Hotels Aseana 20

Have you stayed at one of the Tune Hotels in the country? How was your experience? Let me know in the comments.