Meet-up with iLearners

Chillin with iLearners

On my first night in Cebu, I met-up with Doyzkie and other iLearners to join them in purchasing items for Christmas Joys. I’ve been supporting iLearners for a few years now and even recommended it to my officemates. They are a non-government organization dedicated to fighting rural illiteracy. They are based in Cebu and this is my first time to meet them. Doyzkie is the Founder and President of iLearners and I’ve known him through his photography works in Multiply (I also do photography) and finally got the chance to meet-up this time.

iLearners Cebu

Marky meets Doyzkie

iLearners Cebu

Chillin with iLearners /Photo credit: Marco of

iLearners Cebu

Chillin with iLearners /Photo credit: Doyzkie of

Here are some of the grocery items for the iLearners’ Christmas Joys. Too bad I wasn’t able to join them in distributing these.

iLearners Cebu

for iLearners’ Christmas Joys

If you are looking for a credible organization with a good track record to support, you can check-out their website: and their Facebook page: These guys have such a big heart for the kids.

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