What is Staycation?

According to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary, STAYCATION is a newly coined word that first came into use back in 2005.  It is a mash-up of the words STAY and VACATION, and means that one is on vacation but also stayed home.  But the staycation definition can extend just beyond the two coined words. It means attending to any household related matters that you would not have been able to do because you were busy at work. For example, you can use staycation as a chance to undergo that long-overdue physical exam that your doctor has been pressing you about. But what is staycation, really?

For the more creative, the staycation meaning can be about being on vacation within the limits of one’s town or city.  It is not necessarily about staying home, for you can also go on staycation at a local hotel or even a friend’s house.  The only difference is that you can easily be available if you are needed at home.

Why do People Go on Staycation?

The primary reason for staycation is economics.  An average out-of-town trip would cost at least a fewstaycation at home thousand pesos if traveling by land, triple that if you are going by air, and even much more if going to a foreign country.  And although you may be lucky enough to have friends and relatives to stay with at your preferred destination, you still have to spend money for meals, transportation, shopping, and gifts for your hosts.

A second reason is health.  Some people may have illnesses or physical disabilities that would prevent them from leaving for vacation.  For these people, traveling may mean having to bring wheelchairs, medications, and assistants which pose more of an inconvenience rather than relaxation.

A third reason is security.  This is especially true if you have just moved into a new neighborhood and don’t know your neighbors well enough to trust them to look after your home while you’re away.

Tips for a Good Staycation

  • Don’t just stay home.  Try joining special activities and events around your city.  Go shopping during a madness sale.  There are many promotions offered by luxury hotels for as much as 50% off the regular rates.   Take up painting or a new sport.
  • Stay out of touch from the office.  Tell your superiors and employees not to contact you during your staycation.  Before leaving, brief them on what to do.  Do not even check your office email or answer calls from the office.
  • Avoid house chores, too.  Housework, except for some light laundry and cooking, should not be done during your staycation.  Better yet, eat out often, even just at fast food joints.  Try out new restaurants. Or buy your food to-go.
  • Make it fun every day.  Invite friends over for a little party.  Play board games all afternoon with the kids.  Sing your heart out with karaoke.  Call for home service massage.

Remember that the important thing about staycation is to rest and relax.  It is your right to do what you really want to during this time, so enjoy it!

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