A romantic getaway for Valentine’s Day would be nice, especially if you could afford to take a gondola ride in Venice or savor a candlelit dinner at a Parisian bistro.  But if these seem out-of-reach for you, you can just try a few Valentine’s day staycation ideas right in your own country or city.

In fact, you need not spend heaps of cash just to have a romantic staycation on a budget.  Here are a few suggestions:

1. Prepare a Valentine’s dinner at home

Valentines dinner

Tired of having to beat traffic and crowds just to have a romantic Valentine’s dinner?  Why not have it at home and eliminate all that hassle?   This will be your chance to try out your own culinary skills.  Maybe you can look up recipes similar to your favorite restaurant food or drinks.  Lots of great recipes can be found in online sites, so you can pick those which fit into your time and budget.  Don’t forget to trim your dinner table with fresh flowers and pretty napkins for that Valentine ambience!

2. Go to the spa

Spa Day

This has been one of the most suggested staycation ideas for couples.  Get away from all the daily grind of work, and for once, spend a healthful quality moment with your loved one at the spa.  Spas usually provide private rooms for couples, so this is a perfect setting.  Feel refreshed with massage and other spa services.  There may also be spas offering Valentine’s specials for couples, so look them up and make your reservation.

3. Have an overnight stay at a hotel

Valentine's Day Staycation

Suite at Novotel Manila Araneta Center

We’ve all heard of sleazy motels that provide short-time stays for couples, but if you don’t care for that, you can book at much better places.  Again, you need to look up hotel booking sites like Airbnb or agoda.com to check availabilities and prices.  Do it early on though.  Hotels can provide not just private rooms but also other amenities like pools, spas, and restaurants for your romantic staycation.





4. Go for a drive to the countryside

Valentine's Day Staycation drive to the countryside

Here’s a great way to have a romantic staycation on a budget.  Spend the entire day and take your partner to a nearby beach, mountainside, or simply any countryside location just to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.  Visit gardens, ancestral homes, and historical sites.  This is also your chance to pick fresh flowers and fruits for that special Valentine’s touch.  Wind up your outing with a nice quiet dinner at a local restaurant (less crowded than the ones back home).  You can actually look for private venues in the provinces that provide lunch or dinner right in ancestral houses, but you need to book them early.

5. Have a picnic at the park

Valentine's Day Staycation picnic at the park

Here’s a cheaper and fresher alternative to restaurant dining. Bring your own picnic basket of goodies for two, along with a blanket and some reading materials.  Find a nice decent spot at the park ideally under a large shady tree and while the afternoon away by reading or simply talking to each other.

6. Watch romantic movies or videos

Valentine's Day Staycation romantic movies

This would be great if there are romantic movies currently showing at theaters.  Better yet, rent or buy CDs of romantic films such as Sleepless in Seattle, Love Actually, and The Notebook.  They really set the mood for romance!

7. Go for a stroll or bike ride

Valentine's Day Staycation stroll

There’s nothing like exploring places together with your partner.  Walk at the park, mall, or just about any place that is scenic as well as safe.   You can opt to stop by somewhere for snacks for dinner just before heading home.   Of course, take selfies during the trek for memories.

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