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So, you’re planning a trip? You come to the right place page. This Travel Resources Page contains information on everything that you’ll need as you travel to your favorite place in the country or abroad. The items that I shared here are from companies that I trust and personally use whenever I travel.

Please note that I may (affiliate links) or may not earn if you use their services. Do your research well and think thoroughly if this is something that you really need for your travel plans.

I’ll try to update this list once I find new info or just put on the comment on what other things you would like to be included. Enjoy!


Air travel

The biggest expense when traveling abroad is plane fare. Here are some websites that I check to get the best deals.

Skyscanner – This is really helpful in looking for the cheapest flight with less connecting flights. You can sort the flights from the cheapest to the most expensive.

Google Flights – This is a flight aggregator of Google. It compiles the different plane fares from different airlines so you can just compare prices in one place.

Travel Insurance

world nomads

World Nomads – You’ll never know when you’re going to use travel insurance. It’s just one of those things that you need to have although most likely you won’t use, but it’s a great relief that you have it when the need arises. Whenever I travel abroad, I get travel insurance from World Nomads.


Booking.com – It has millions of listings from all parts of the world. Its listings are not only hotels but also vacation houses since they’ve also started competing with Airbnb.

Hotels Combined – It’s another hotel comparison site based in Australia but they have listings from all over the world.

Agoda – It has a lot of accommodation available for every type of traveler. If you prefer cheap hostels, they have it. If you prefer to splurge a bit on 5-star hotels, they have it too. Watch out for some promos and discounts too. It’s more popular in Asia so if you’re traveling there you’ll have more options using this platform.

Airbnb – It has only been recently that I tried to book a place on Airbnb. My experience was really great that I’ve booked another place on it. You can get great deals from this site. It has a huge directory of apartments, condominiums, and houses for rent. Be sure to check the reviews and communicate well with your host. Use my link and $20 on your first booking is on me.

Hostelworld – It has a good collection of hostels in the Philippines. Some hostels don’t have a website yet and just use sites like this to advertise their service.

Couchsurfing – I have never couchsurfed but I have attended some Couchsurfing event and know a lot of Couchsurfers. It’s a good way to truly immerse yourself in local culture and you get free accommodation.

Make New Friends

Couchsurfing – I’ve mentioned this above but just want to emphasize that through Couchsurfing you can meet fellow travelers and locals. Install the app and make new friends!

Meetup.com – Join some of the online groups here and find people with similar interests. The organizers host in-person events for its members. You can also organize your own meetups.

Eventbrite – People host all kinds of events on Eventbrite from business conferences to parties. It’s a good way to know what’s happening in the city you’re visiting.

That’s it so far! I’ll update this travel resources page once I discover new things that would be helpful for travelers like you and me.

Safe travels! Message me to share your travel stories!