Toronto is a very diverse city not just with the people but with the things that you can do. There is always something for everyone.

Here are some of the things to do in Toronto that I recommend first time visitors:

1. Go to the CN Tower

cn tower

CN Tower is the most popular landmark of Toronto. You’ll instantly notice it standing proudly on Toronto’s skyline. You can even go its viewing deck and get a bird’s eye view of the whole city.

2. Visit Casa Loma

casa loma

It’s a castle in midtown Toronto. If you like to see good architecture from back in the day, this is a good place to checkout. You’ll also learn more about its history by doing the guided audio tour.

3.Watch a Live Sports Event

toronto blue jays

The people of Toronto LOVES SPORTS! They support their team big time. You’ll know when there’s an upcoming game when you see a bunch of people wearing their team’s jersey. You can watch basketball, baseball, soccer, football, and hockey. All the venues for these games are in downtown Toronto and are easily accessible by public transit.

4.Visit the Ripley’s Aquarium

You can learn more about the marine life thriving in The Great Lakes of North America especially Lake Ontario, Lake Huron, and Lake Eerie by visiting these places. They have a great collection of marine life that you can see and learn more about.

5. Pose at Graffiti Alley

Toronto Graffiti Alley

This is a really colorful place. It’s a back alley on Queen Street West. The designs are made by Toronto Graffiti artist and it has become a popular place for tourists to pose and take pictures.

6. Toronto Islands

This is the place where I fell in love with Toronto. The view of Toronto skyline is so beautiful there. You can just walk around and enjoy the peace and quiet but you can also have fun at the theme park there.

The great thing about this list is most of them are just walking distance from each other. I hope it will make your trip to Toronto more fun and get a good grasp of what Toronto has to offer.