There are days that you just want to escape the city to recharge. But, you can’t get too far away because of your responsibilities at home or work. You still need to take a break and I would highly recommend taking a staycation in The Astley Residence in Timberland Heights.

Timberland Heights Staycation

Timberland Heights is a private residence complex, which is just about 45 minute drive from Trinoma, in San Mateo Rizal. It was developed by Filinvest and comprises of about 5 subdivisions. It is located 1000ft above sea level so the temperature is always a few degrees cooler than Metro Manila.

Well, you might ask, “But, it’s a private subdivision, how am I supposed to access it for a staycation?”

Answer: Through Airbnb! If you haven’t heard of Airbnb before, you should read this article. It’s how I get to stay in luxurious properties! I can’t afford yet to buy properties in prime location like this so thankfully there’s Airbnb.

Sign-up on Airbnb here and get a P1,600 Airbnb credit that you can use on your first booking.

I’ll talk more about the things you can do during your Timberland Heights staycation but first, let’s talk about the accommodation in The Astley Residences. I’m so excited to tell you about this property!

The Astley Residence

It’s a gorgeous 3 level house designed by Francisco Mañosa, a renowned Filipino architect. The property sits on top of a ridge with a great view of Metro Manila. On a good day, you can see Manila Bay and Laguna de Bay from there.

We were invited to stay here for a night by the lovely couple, David and Lydia. They’re awesome hosts! They’ve treated us like family and made sure we’re comfortable. They’ve decorated the place with some of the places they’ve lived and travelled like the intricately designed bird cage from Malaysia.

The Guest Rooms

The two guest rooms that are available for rent on Airbnb is in one corner of the house. The rooms are 4-star hotel quality and have intercom, mini bar, good collection of books, complimentary coffee/tea, electric kettle, and en-suite bathroom with hot shower.

As you can see, the rooms at The Astley Residence are so nice but still quite affordable. The rate is around P3,000 for a property this good, that’s a bargain. Also, compared to hotels they don’t overcharge with the items in their mini-bar. David told me that they just round it off to the nearest whole number because they don’t like being overcharged either when they’re staying in hotels. As if that’s not enough, they also offer free breakfast.

This is an ideal place for couples who are looking for a quiet retreat. You can just sit outside to watch the clouds slowly roll across Metro Manila skyline while the cool breeze touches your face. In the morning, you’ll wake up to the sounds of bird chirping. A perfect place to relax.

There are no commercial establishments like sari-sari store nearby. I highly suggest that you bring everything that you’ll need. (Remember, the mini-bar is well stocked so you have some drinks available already) You can have food delivered from popular fast food restaurants. There are two restaurants in the clubhouse but it’s quite expensive and the options are limited. David also offers to bring the guests down to the town proper when the clubhouse is closed during Mondays.

Other Activities

David also toured us around Timberland Heights. We went around the other subdivisions which also has fantastic views of the mountains. We also went to a forested area, where you can see the bike trails, the many variety of birds, the beautiful flowering trees, and the pine tree lined road.

Did you know?

Timberland Heights is known as the Mountain Biking Capital of the Philippines. It has an IMBA-certified (International Mountain Bicycling Association) bike trail. It has a lot of different trails which is a haven for mountain bikers.

Timberland Sports and Nature Club

After the quick tour, David brought us to the Timberland Sports and Nature Club. The entrance fee for it is P403 per person. You’ll be able to get access to the infinity pool, jacuzzi, and sauna. There are other amenities that you’d enjoy too like the spa, basketball court, and climbing wall but they have separate rates for that. If you come on a weekeday, you’ll most likely have the entire place to yourself.

The main attraction is their beautiful infinity pool. During the late afternoon, this is a great place to watch the sunset and take selfies. You can watch the Manila Bay turn red orange. As it begins to get dark, the city lights start to glow brightly. It’s a beautiful site.

The facility needs a fresh coat of paint and some minor repairs, especially in the locker and shower area. It’s okay, it’s still functional. I’m just expecting it to be more well-maintained. I’ve heard they’re transitioning to open the club house to the public so maybe they can get more funds from that for the maintenance. I hope they can get it done before summer.

Tip: The food from the two restaurants here is quite expensive. I’m not sure if they allow guests to bring in food from outside. I suggest that you eat first before going there.

How to get there

You can bring your car or just get an Uber or Grab. The fare is P250. We gave a tip of P100 to our Uber driver since it’s long way up there and he won’t be able to get passengers. If your going to bring your car, David will provide you a detailed instruction on how to get to their place. You need to book through Airbnb and mention to David that you’ll be bringing a car so he can make the necessary arrangements with the security of Timberland.

Have a great staycation in Timberland Heights and The Astley Residence! Share to us your experience in the comments.