Iloilo is a great place for food trip. Luckily, I was staying at Richmonde Hotel Iloilo which has one of the best restaurants in Iloilo – The Granary.  The Granary is located at the ground floor of the hotel. It serves local and international dishes for the hotel’s guests and those who are within the Iloilo Business Park.

The Granary Richmonde Hotel Iloilo

The Granary at Richmonde Hotel Iloilo


Richmonde Hotel Signature Ensaymada

One of the first thing that you should try is this huge ensaymada! It’s a signature item on all branches of Richmonde Hotels. I thought I would never be able to finish  it in one sitting but I was wrong. It’s so yummy that I keep taking a bite. The combination of mild salty taste of cheese, light butter cream, and the perfectly baked bread makes one delicious ensaymada.

Breakfast Buffet

The breakfast buffet of Richmonde Hotel Iloilo is something I look forward to every morning during my stay. The buffet have various options available from cereals, pancakes, Filipino breakfast favorites, pastries, omellette, and even dried squid.

As you can see, I like to get a little of everything. This is the first batch of food I had. I know, weird combination of flavors but that’s just how I force my taste buds to wake up LOL.

The Granary Breakfast Richmonde Hotel Iloilo

Plate number 1 of many

Afternoon Treat

At first, I thought we were just going to have some tea.

Afternoon Tea at The Granary

Tea time!

Then, these irresistible little slices of heaven came out!

The Granary Afternoon Treat

Who can resist that?

If you’re looking for something to reward yourself, this should be it!

A Sumptuous Dinner

To celebrate the super moon, my last night in Iloilo City, and the ending of an awesome Bacolod-Iloilo trip, I had some Sushi Mariwashe and an Ernest & Julio Gallo, Chardonnay – California white wine.

There are other mouthwatering dishes available in the menu, so I’m also sharing with you the meals that my travel blogger friends ordered.

Photo by Carla of @justtravellingsolo

Other restaurants to include in your Iloilo food tour

Farm to Table Restaurant

As you might have guessed, they offer dishes made from fresh ingredients. We ordered this veggie pizza with some flower petals (ternate) and a glass of Guimaras mango juice.

They got some nice collection of beers and wines too!


We also went to Deco’s original branch in La Paz Public Market to try their famous La Paz Batchoy and puto.

Madge Cafe

Coffee lover or not, you must try the coffee at Madge Cafe. It is a coffee shop hidden inside the La Paz Public Market. Just ask the locals for the directions to find it.

We ordered their Iced Coffee. I rarely drink coffee but have to make an exception for this and it’s worth it!

What about you? What’s your favorite spot for food trip in Iloilo?