Current Staycation Trend in the Philippines

According to Google, searches for the term STAYCATION has been rising every year in the Philippines since 2011.  In fact, the average increase has been 10%.  This implies that more and more Filipinos are searching for staycation options and would prefer to stay not only in the country but also in close proximity to home.  There are quite a number of factors that account for this increasing staycation trend in the Philippines.

The Economy

There has been a worldwide downturn that has also somewhat affected local spending habits.  People are more aware that though jobs abound, it is really not that easy to qualify for them.  The most usual defense mechanism against uncertain economic trends is to save money.

Staycations provide a better alternative to inter-island or international travel simply because they cost much less.  When you travel even to another province, you would have to spend for gasoline (if traveling by land) or tickets (if by air) plus hotel accommodations, unless you are lucky enough to stay for free at a relative’s or friend’s house at the vacation destination.

Work and Business Demands

White-collar employees, professionals, and business people generally find it hard to stay out too long from their workplaces.  There could be sudden emergencies that would call for their immediate response or physical presence.  Call center employees, especially those who work irregular schedules, find that staycation provides them with that much-needed rest and relaxation, much better than tiring themselves out again on a long trip. These people make staycations a new trend nowadays.

Family Circumstances

Families with very young, disabled, ill, or elderly members would think twice about spending their vacation far away from home.  It is quite inconvenient and expensive to have to bring wheelchairs, strollers, and nannies aboard a plane.  Better to stay home than have to worry all the time about the safety and comfort of these family members.

Many Attractive Staycation Offers

Hotels in Manila and major cities (Cebu, Baguio, etc.) have loads of staycation promos that would surely encourage many locals to stay put.  Malls offer many exciting events especially during Easter and other holidays.  Big cities have their own landmarks, such as monuments and churches, which can be captured nicely on one’s phone camera and shared on social networks.  Some beaches and tourist areas like Tagaytay are just an hour or so drive away.  With the right timing, staycationers can catch great deals at group buying sites like Dealgrocer for local restaurant and hotel packages.