If your idea of a nice staycation is just to relax in a clean and luxurious room, be “away” from your daily chores, and yet have access to food and entertainment when you need it, check out Knightsbridge Residences Makati.  This condotel is located right in the Century City complex, which is an enclave of various luxury high-rise condominiums like Gramercy Residences and Milano Residences.

The location itself is quite ideal because the complex has its own food and entertainment hub, the Century City Mall.  In it, you can already find almost anything you need, like groceries from Rustan’s, fantastic food from various gourmet restaurants, and movie theaters.  The complex, which is right along Kalayaan Avenue and a block from Makati Avenue, provides you easy walking access to other restaurants and bars along the street and alleys.  Or if you want to go further, the Ayala Triangle, Makati Central Business District, and Ayala Malls are just a short jeepney ride away.   There are numerous convenience stores, cafes, and banks right in the immediate vicinity.

The building’s design features a unique architectural concept where residential units are installed with huge wall-to-ceiling glass windows, thus making each unit look like sparkling glass boxes when viewed from the outside.  It is most spectacular, especially at night.  Residents and guests don’t feel cramped in this building as there are only 20 units per floor. Each room has a clearance of 2.7 meters from the floor to the ceiling, giving its residents an airy and spacious feel.

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A studio-type condo for rent by VY Rentals on Airbnb (around P2,500 per night, 3 nights minimum stay) is about 27 square meters in area and has its own balcony. Since the unit is on the 35th floor, you can get a really awesome view of Makati City right from your balcony.

This Knightsbridge Residences condo unit includes a queen size bed, Fibr wifi internet, intercom, table and chairs, air-conditioning, flat-screen LED TV with cable, closet with hangers, kitchen cutlery and utensils, and appliances (refrigerator, microwave, and stove).

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For the convenience of guests who avail of Knightsbridge condo rentals, the basement houses a 300-car parking space. Parking availability depends on whether the unit owner has one. Some unit owners may require payment of cleaning fees and security deposit.  Knightsbridge management also prohibits pets and parties.

Just take a look at the facilities that Knightsbridge offers its residents and guests.  The lavishly designed lobby, aka The Living Room, is a welcoming sight, inspired by London architectural and interior design trends, like high ceilings and bold-colored but very chic furniture.

You will enjoy a great swim in the pool. There are adult and kiddie pools, as well as a whirlpool tub and wading area.

Enjoy quality time with your family and friends as you watch videos at the Movie Room, complete with super-comfortable lounging chairs and a widescreen.  Or you can play billiards and board games at the Rec Room.

You can reserve a space at the sky-high Observatory or at the Roof Deck where you can marvel at  panoramic views of Makati and Mandaluyong skylines and nightlights.

If you’re a fitness buff, you will have a field day working  out at the Fitness Center with complete exercise equipment, yoga and dance studios, and onsite fitness trainers.  Locker rooms have whirlpools and sauna / steam rooms.  Snacks and beverages can be served at reasonable prices.

Your kids can have their fill of staycation at the Children’s Room, complete with toys, books, and kid activities. Older kids and teens will enjoy playing video games at the Arcade, complete with gaming consoles, flat screen TVs, and modern furniture.

If reading is your cup of tea, lounge at the Library with a good book or use it like a coworking space.

And for your utmost relaxation, try using The Spa. You can choose from aromatherapy, exfoliating treatments, massage, and other soothing services.

To find a Knightsbridge apartment for rent, simply go to Airbnb as there are several listings there.  Do not inquire directly at the condotel’s front desk as they do not directly rent out the units to you.  Also, read Knightsbridge Residences reviews on Airbnb and other online booking sites. Remember that any Airbnb transactions are just between yourself and the unit owner, not the Knightsbridge Residences Makati management.

Steps to Book a Condo Unit in Knightsbridge Residences

  1. Sign-up on Airbnb here to get P950 Airbnb credits that you can use on your first booking.
  2. Go to this link to book this particular unit.

Disclaimer: I was a guest of VY Rentals on her Knightsbridge Residences condo unit but all opinions are my own.