A staycation in Metro Manila usually makes one think of hotels down south, such as the Ayala CBD or MOA areas.  But if you live somewhere on the other end of the metropolis, especially in the northern part, you don’t need to go far just to enjoy a luxurious staycation.  For one, there’s the a new hotel in town, Seda Vertis North hotel, right in Quezon City.  Just check out this and other Seda Vertis North staycation review and you’ll see why this place should be your next top choice of a staycation in Quezon City.


About Seda Vertis North

Seda Vertis North is the sixth and largest of the Seda Hotel chain in the country.  This 24-story high structure is located right in a choice landmark of Quezon City, just walking distance away from major commercial spots such as Ayala Trinoma Mall, SM City North EDSA, and the recently opened Ayala Mall Vertis North.  Seda Vertis North features upscale facilities for all kinds of hotel guests ranging from international businessmen to staycationers.  With its 438 rooms and very spacious facilities, Seda Vertis North promises to become a leading luxury hotel in Quezon City.  The hotel is conveniently located a stone’s throw away from the MRT Station so it’s easily accessible.  The hotel is managed and operated by Ayala Land Hotels and Resorts Corporation, known for its centuries-old experience in real estate.

Although Seda definitely meets global standards in luxury and service quality, it is actually very Filipino in taste and concept.  Colors of the exterior and interior parts of the hotel are predominantly in brown, black, white, and beige. While this is a trendy minimalist mixture, it also allows the hotel’s interior decors and artworks to be noticed and appreciated.  The subtle color blends also spell ultimate luxury and comfort especially for its rooms and facilities.

Rooms Types and Amenities

There are several types of rooms appropriate for all types of needs for your perfect Seda Vertis North staycation experience.

Even while it’s the smallest at 32 square meters, a Deluxe room is equipped with very comfy beds and modern amenities like a 40 inch  LED HDTV, media panel for all types of gadgets, FM stereo, work desk, mini-bar, coffee / tea area, in-room safe, and  hot-cold showers.

A Club Room is similar in size to Deluxe rooms but has a queen-size bed, sculptural sofa, mini glass table, and flatscreen TV.  But the best part about the Club room is the additional benefit of getting exclusive access to the Club lounge on the 23rd floor, which offers buffet breakfast, all-day coffee, afternoon tea, and cocktails. The Club lounge has its own meeting room and work and lounging areas with iMac stations.

The larger Premier Room has a bathtub and king-size bed.  You have access to the Club Lounge as well.

Designed for families, Corner Suites have sizable living rooms and an enclosed master bedroom. Like Club rooms, you Club Lounge access too.

For ultimate luxury, the Presidential Suite is a huge 160 square meter accommodation complete with a master bedroom, en-suite bathroom, dressing room, bathtub, dining area, living room, and guest powder area.  Plus, it features dedicated 24/7 butler service including meal preparation, housekeeping, and even assistance in planning your program of activities. Of course, you have full access to the Club Lounge and high-speed Internet access.

Club Lounge

The Club Lounge is an exclusive lounge and dining area for those who have booked Club Rooms, Premier Rooms, and Suites.



Seda Vertis North Facilities and Amenities

Many Seda Vertis North staycation reviews have almost always mentioned the amazingly subtle yet totally elegant interior design especially of the lobby area. Backdropping the reception desk area hangs an enormous mural by Jaime Zobel de Ayala.  At one corner sits a family of giraffe metal statues by Ann Pamintuan,  and around the area are whimsical pieces of furniture by Kenneth Cobonpue.  All perfect selfie spots!

And the lobby is the perfect work spot for busybodies who can’t afford to be cut off from their business communications. Mac computers on hardwood tables are available for the use of their guests. You can also use your own device.

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Buffet lovers will definitely go nuts over Misto’s all-day dining which features an array of international and local cuisines as well as choice European and local alcoholic drinks. There are specialty stations, such as the sisig, pasta / pizza, and grilling stations.  The breakfast buffet is complimentary to hotel guests.

Straight Up Roofdeck Bar

The Straight Up roofdeck bar on the top floor is a great place to hang out especially after sundown. Dine and wine al fresco to chill out with the night breeze or unwind at the indoor bar. You have the choice! Whichever it is, you’ll experience total comfort.

Grand Ballroom and Meeting Rooms

Seda Vertis North has one huge ballroom which can easily accommodate 600 guests. This ballroom can easily be subdivided into three separate rooms for smaller groups. This is a great events venue for companies in the Vertis North area but also those in the UP Techno Hub too.


Health buffs don’t have to miss exercising and working out, as Seda also has a fitness center equipped with treadmills, bikes, exercise machines, and even a yoga room. There are fitness trainers on the ready to assist you with your particular training needs. Yoga and Zumba classes are also offered.

Swimming Pool

Not to be missed is the outdoor pool with a bar. The pool is just 4 ft deep so it’s ideal for those with kids. It’s also a perfect spot to pose for some pics.


Your staycay won’t be complete without treating yourself to a relaxing combination massage from their experience massage therapists in your own private room.

The shower and locker room is so spacious. It also has a sauna and steam room available.

Chef’s Table

You can also get the chance to enjoy the Chef’s Table at Seda Vertis North, a unique in dining experience where you sit at a long table in the hotel’s kitchen on the second floor and watch expert chefs in action as they prepare an eight-course meal (priced at P2000 per person) for a party of 12 to 14.  And they do accommodate any special requests like if you have food allergies or looking for vegetarian options.

Yes, we were inside the hotel’s kitchen watching our food being prepared by the chefs. They also explained to us the ingredients and the cooking techniques used.  It feels like I’m in Masterchef! I really wish I could bring my family here and experience this kind of service.

Another Great Reason to Stay at Seda Vertis North

Next to the Seda Vertis Hotel is the Ayala Malls Vertis North, a whole complex of entertainment and dining establishments.  There are separate themed areas (Japan Town, Korean Town and Urban Turf) to provide exclusive and unique shopping and dining facilities.  The mall employs cutting-edge technology such as holographic effects and augmented realities, and also houses the country’s largest movie screen with recliner seats.

And maybe after your own exciting staycation experiences at Seda, you will be inspired like many of its hotel patrons to write your own Seda Vertis North staycation review.

Check Availability and Rates

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