So you and your partner have decided that you won’t go out-of-town or abroad for vacation.  Nothing wrong with that!  Staycation has become a growing a trend among Filipinos, and for various sensible reasons.  But staycation  doesn’t have to be boring for both of you.  There are actually countless exciting and romantic staycation ideas for couples that are easily within your time and budget.  Just stretch your imagination a little bit and have the will to try them. Googling also helps!

Staycation Ideas for Couples

1. Relax at a local spa together.  The city is full of these establishments which offer massage, skin pampering, aromatherapy, and de-stressing services at very reasonable prices.  Most can accommodate two in one room.  Share a heavenly aromatherapy or massage session with the one you love.  Now that’s quality time!

2. Visit cultural or historical landmarks in your city.  You can drive, jog, bike, walk, or take public transport to these places.  Map out your itinerary first before heading out.  Make sure to include eating places in the areas just in case you get hungry.  Take it slow and really drink in the scenery. While going around, check out local shops for souvenirs, especially T-shirts or keychains.   And take loads of pictures along the way!

3. Go food tripping, and not just in one place.  You can look up the best gastronomic places at TripAdvisor, Zomato, wheninmanila, and many other sites. Just like in sightseeing, map out your food route and take note of what each restaurant has to offer.  This can also be done in several days so that you won’t overwhelm your tummy. You can even plan where to eat for breakfast, lunch, snack-time, and dinner during your food tripping period. In case you’re on a tight budget, you might just want to call different places for delivery and just have a feast at home.  And it doesn’t need to be a candlelight affair either!

4. Create something special together.  That special something could be a cake, a birdhouse, a scrapbook, a home decoration, or even just a drawing of you and your significant other.  Put your creative juices together and you’ll be surprised at what you both can turn out.  Plan out the materials you will need for your projects and shop together for them.  You can check out many online sources to learn how to make various things.  At the end of the day, this item will have become your treasure, even if it’s made from recycled materials.

5. Watch romantic videos together.  You can watch them at home, or better yet, check in at a local hotel.  Have a movie marathon and make sure that you have enough popcorn, drinks and desserts during that time.  Many of these romantic videos contain valuable lessons about love and marriage, so they will also help you strengthen your own relationship.

These are just a few of the countless romantic staycation ideas that you can follow.  The most important thing to remember is that both of you must be agreeable to whatever activity you are planning to do.  You should also stay within the limits of your budget so that you will have enough to spend for another round of staycation.  And please, do not think of work while you are spending special staycation moments with each other.