Once in a while, you may find yourself preferring to go on a staycation.  You want to save tons of money and free yourself from hassles at the airport or discomfort during flights.  And what better way to spend your staycation than at SM Grass Residences right in a strategic location in Quezon City!

What is SM Grass Residences?

This is a 3.6 hectare first-class high-rise condominium complex located right in the SM City North EDSA area.  SM Grass Residences uses the green architecture concept, thus the word “grass” as part of its name.  Despite its location in one of the busiest areas of the metro and near traffic-congested EDSA, SM Grass Residences has managed to create an oasis-like atmosphere of grass expanses, refreshing blue water, and lush trees right inside its boundaries.  A big part of this complex is devoted to green architecture.

The complex houses five 40-storey towers (two are yet to be finished) and two huge multi-floor parking buildings. At the middle is the oasis area with walking spaces and five swimming pools.

Why Stay at SM Grass Residences?

There are many important reasons why you should spend your staycation in Grass Residences.

Compared to a luxury hotel, you spend less by occupying a fully furnished condo for rent at Grass Residences, because its amenities can rival other hotels and condos for rent in Quezon City.  Your family can enjoy the playground and swimming pools.  You don’t need to neglect your weight and health, as you can use the gym, badminton court, or basketball court for your physical activities.  You can hang out at the cabanas and clubhouse too. There’s a small fee of P150 per guest to use these amenities.

You have the option to rent either studio, one or two bedroom units. Single bedrooms contain one bed and one bathroom.  Apartment units are fully furnished and have bathrooms, one or two bedrooms, kitchens, and dining areas.  Regardless of the type of unit, the basic necessities are available like internet access, air conditioning, and cable TV.

Although there are hotels near SM North EDSA, Grass Residences is perhaps the only one that gives you direct access to the mall right from the condo building, via a covered bridgeway.  So you don’t have to sweat it out in the sun just to get to the shopping and dining areas of SM North EDSA.  And you are absolutely secure and free from hoodlums and crowds as you walk to and from the condo.  The bridgeway also brings you to transport facilities where you can take buses, jeeps or taxis, just in case you want to go to other places.

With the round-the-clock security at SM Grass Residences, you and your family will feel completely safe and worry-free anywhere in the complex.  Visitors to the complex are carefully screened before they can access residential units or other condo facilities.

Where Can I Find Units at Grass Residences for Rent?

You can try any of these methods.  You can type in the key words “condo for rent Quezon City” in Google and you will be given some suggested hotel and vacation house reservation websites (like Airbnb, Agoda) where you can see if Grass Residences is listed.

Airbnb is a great place to find a Grass Residences fully furnished condo for rent.  You get useful information about the amenities, location of the room (floor and tower), and terms of rental.  You just need to call or email the contact to get more details.

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Steps to Book a Condo Unit in SM Grass Residences
  1. Sign-up on Airbnb here to get P950 Airbnb credits that you can use on your first booking.
  2. Go to this link to book this particular unit.