Staycation is all about staying close to home, not just at home.  It means patronizing local attractions, hotels and restaurant as you take time off from work.  Whether it’s a weekend getaway or a whole week’s repertoire of activities, staycation is now being considered by Filipinos over long distance travel.

This is because long distance travel for the summer can be quite expensive for many Filipinos.  The average travel expense including lodging and food would set one back a hefty amount especially during peak season.  Then there are also other expenses, like visa fees, extra baggage allowances, and travel taxes that can be quite burdensome for people with limited budgets.  But there’s still a quick and practical alternative to this – why not plan a staycation?

Staycation has become increasingly popular among Filipinos, and is continuously growing every year. Middle class families are willing to spend less on travel, and find staycation a welcome alternative to overseas or inter-island travel.  Being family-oriented, the average Juan would like to enjoy vacationing not just with his immediate family but other relatives as well.

So what are the usual reasons why people prefer staycation? The biggest reason is economics, as there will be no need to spend for air travel, visa fees, and travel taxes. The average air fare for nearby Asian and local destinations is not cheap.

But the preference for staycation is not just about economics or affordability. With a staycation, you don’t have to shop around for the best air fares and all other hassles. There are no waiting lines at airport terminals or bus stations, and you don’t have to lug luggages around.  Give your car a full tank of gas, bring along your ATM or credit cards, and you’re on your way to a really enjoyable worry-free vacation.  All that time and money saved translates to more quality time with loved ones.

Staycation is also more flexible. So what if the luxury hotel you were eyeing is fully booked, there are still myriads of other local accommodations that have their own brands of entertainment and luxuries for that ultimate R & R experience. It just takes some time and resourcefulness to get you to do your staycation planning right.  And the Internet is not short of reliable staycation guides to hotels and attractions that are worth trying. Just let your fingers do the clicking (or tapping), and of course, brainstorm with your loved ones for the best choices.

When you plan a staycation, you should consider four major things – logistics, chores, research, and budget.  Before leaving, you need to leave instructions at work and at home (to househelp) about bills, visitors, and contingencies.  You should wash dishes, clear up the mess and clean the bathrooms so that you’ll come back to a nice, stress-free environment after your staycation.  Research hotel accommodation sites like Agoda or TripAdvisor and vacation houses in Innclusive or Airbnb in order to get the most suitable one for your family or barkada. Also study the local maps to plan your itinerary.  And finally, keep close as possible to your budget.  Even a staycation can bust your pockets if you’re not careful.

When it comes to staycation activities, the possibilities are endless.  Most Filipinos go for unwinding at beaches, relaxing at a spa, trying new eating places, or simply having a family reunion.

Here are more ideas for a really fulfilling staycation:

  • Joining a sports fest
  • Learning a new skill
  • Finishing a book
  • Renting a bike
  • Attending a music festival
  • Taking a food or wine tour
  • And many more…

I’ve summarized these information in this staycation planning guide infographic. Please share it on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter or on any of your favorite social media site.

plan a staycation infographic