Last year, one of the sessions that I attended during a travel bloggers conference is about hyper-lapse photography by Scott Herder. If you’ve been following me on Instagram, there’s a good chance that you’ve seen some of the videos (like this one) where I used this technique.

If you’re one of the Hotel Brand/PR/Marketing Managers who are looking for more ways to showcase your hotel’s amenities, you’re lucky because I’ve asked Scott Herder to explain in this post how you can benefit from this so take some time and read on.

Take it away, Scott!

Hyper-lapse photography is a unique style of video taking the audience on a visual tour that is as entertaining and engaging as it gets. It’s a unique storytelling tool that when done right can add a lot of energy to any video.

Filmmakers have been using this technique to show how dramatically a place changes over time. Vloggers use it to speed up otherwise mundane commutes or parts of their day. But that is just scratching the surface. Today, we’re going to focus on ways that hotels can benefit from the use of Hyper-Lapse Photography.

1. Show off the Hotel in an Engaging & Unique Way.

The most obvious way that hotels can use hyperlapse photography is to show off their location and activities in a quick and engaging way. By using a hyper-lapse we can give them a visual tour of a place and see it change from day to night in 30 seconds. What a better way to tell a story of a hotel.

Traditional time-lapses have been used to show the beauty of a destination during a sunset, but with a hyper-lapse we get the added bonus of being able to move through the scene which is much more engaging for hotel audiences.

2. Unique Content for Social Media

If a hotel doesn’t want to spend big bucks on a marketing video, an excellent way they can show their social media base the unique aspects of their hotel and what all there is to do is to make a quick hyperlapse of a specific thing on their smartphone.

It can be as simple as a tour of the lobby. Or the walk from their bedroom to the breakfast area. It can be as short as 10 seconds and a quick blast onto Facebook will capture the attention and allow

3. Captures the attention quickly

Now more than ever you need to capture the attention of your audience in the first few seconds. An introduction with a hyperlapse does just that by showing the audience something they can’t normally see with their own eyes.

The result is the viewer sees the intro and says “whoa.” In that moment we have them hooked and watching the rest of our video.

4. Videos people will want to share

When a hotel guest inevitably goes home from their vacation they will tell their friends and families where they went and what they did. They might post photos from their trip on social media. But chances are they will have 10 of the same photo of them with a random tree or some photos their pocket or things people typically won’t really care about. The bottom line is no one else is going to share that.

5. Facebooks competition for video

There is no doubt that video is the future. As Facebook tries to compete with YouTube by pushing more and more video on Facebook. The result has been more auto play Facebook videos. The catch is there is no audio.

Hyperlapse videos play perfectly into this. You don’t need any audio to get the message across or capture the attention. Best part is people love sharing travel videos, so this is the perfect way to make sure your hotel is seen and talked about.



Scott HerderScott Herder is passionate about photography and travel. When he isn’t taking photos or writing for his travel blog with his partner in crime he is obsessed with creating hyperlapse videos of his travels and teaching others how to do it on his site dedicated to helping photographers learn hyperlapse photography.