A Truly Unique Staycation in Pasig

Some staycationers don’t just want to relax in a comfortable and luxurious hotel room.  They also want hotel accommodations that can provide unique experiences in dining and other services.


If you are this type of staycationer, then you would probably be interested in one such extraordinary place – Ace Water Spa Hotel and Suites.  Like many places of staycation in Pasig and other areas, Ace Water Spa offers comfortable luxury accommodations and great food at reasonable prices.  However, this hotel has its very own unique comprehensive spa facilities in the form of hydrotherapy massage, steam sauna, and swimming pools.  Nowhere in the metropolis can you find a hotel with such services catering to every age group and massage need.

ace water spa

Ace Water Spa // Photo from acewaterspa.com.ph

And as Ace Water Spa reviews indicate, guests have raved about the hotel’s facilities, most particularly its hydrotherapy massage equipment and pools. Quite a number also gave positive feedback about the hotel’s buffet.

What is Hydrotherapy Massage?

It is the use of water energy in order to massage specific parts of your body so that it can receive various health benefits, such as conditioning your muscles, providing relaxation, destressing, and even alleviating some aches.

Hydrotherapy Massage // Photo from Agoda.com

Hydrotherapy Massage // Photo from Agoda.com

This massage service utilizes the ultrasonic jet system that targets specific areas of the body through strategically located aquatic jets.  For instance, the jets are located on the bottom and are oriented towards your legs to relax and sooth your thighs, calves, or feet.  The jets are activated with the push of a button, and you can adjust the strength of the water current for soft, moderate, or hard massages. This is far superior to manual massages done by masseuses because the strength of the massage (to your preference) is always consistent.  The massage systems are all of the do-it-yourself type, so you as the customer have the freedom to decide which one you want to use, how strong you want the current to be, and which part of your body you want to give attention to.

While hydrotherapy sounds like a health or fitness service, Ace Water Spa also makes it a truly fun experience for every age.  In fact, there are areas dedicated to children as well as general areas for every age, depending on the kind of massage service you want.

**Apologies for the quality of some photos. I just have to grab it from other websites since taking pictures is not allowed inside the spa area.

For the Kids

Kids' playground

Kids’ playground // Photo from Ace Water Spa website

Kids can enjoy the kid’s pool where they can frolic in very safe shallow water and play hide-and-seek in the mushroom falls. Or they can enjoy the excitement of being chased by a water gun as they run around.  There’s a floor fountain where they can experience “walking on water”.  For an ultimate cooldown, they can use the bucket splash where, with the pull of a string, they can get splashed by a bucketful of cool water.

The Lazy River is a general facility available to all guests to enjoy as groups.  You can float with the river’s gentle current and have fun bonding with your kids and friends.

Soft Massage

Ace Water Spa Bubble Bed

Ace Water Spa Bubble Bed // Photo from acewaterspa.com.ph

Try the Bubble Bed where bubbles beat down your back, butt, and legs as you lie down on a specially designed bed.

The Bubble Pool massages your back’s temporal pressure points, great for addressing those bothersome little sore spots.

Or if you’re a fan of acupuncture or just want to experience it, you might want to try the Hydro-Acupuncture Bed which generates warm water with a pricking sensation similar to acupressure.

Moderate Massage

Rainfall Acupuncture

Rainfall Acupuncture // Photo from acewaterspa.com.ph

Lie face down and let raindrops massage every part of your body with the Rainfall Acupuncture.

You can get a good, comforting massage on your buttocks with the Jet Chair.  You sit comfortably while water gushes out onto your buttocks and massages them gently to loosen tight muscles. As an option, you can also try foot massage along with the Jet Chair.  Ahh!

Want to feel like floating?  Take advantage of the Hydro-Buoyancy Massage which uses water jets to build this floating sensation.  What a heavenly way to relax!

Aside from the cool swimming pool, there are also the hot herbal pools, sauna, and steam facilities to enjoy.  And if you are done using them, you can cool down and clean up by activating the Eight-Nozzle Shower.

Hard Massage

Hard Massage

Hard Massage

Hardline massage aficionados should try the Head and Shoulder Massage where water is projected onto the upper body using pressure. The more adventurous can try the Water Falls where water surges from an artificial waterfall to hit mostly the upper regions of the body.

The Chest Jet Massage targets your chest directly with varying degrees of water pressure.  This facility is best enjoyed if you assume a squatting position.

And for the hardest massage of them all, try the Upper Body Jet Massage where rigid water comes down from elevated jets to your body’s upper parts.  In fact, the water pressure is so strong that the spa warns people with osteoporosis against using it.

For a balanced massage, try the Multi-point Massage where you stay in a walled enclosure that has water nozzles at various positions to inject jets of water to massage your body parts.

Different Types of Herbal Pools to Relax in

Herbal Pools

Herbal Pools

You have a choice of several hot herbal scented pools – mint, jasmine, or lavender.  The Mint Pool has a 36 degree Celsius temperature and is the coolest, while the Lavender Pool is the hottest at 40 degrees Celsius.

Water Spa Rules and Policies

The only downside about the spa facilities is that they don’t come free with your hotel accommodation package.  You would have to pay separately for these as well as meals (except breakfast) that you take in the hotel.

A major policy of the spa is that guests should wear only fitted-swimwear (spandex) or bikinis, not shorts or underwear.

Picture-taking is also not allowed inside the pool area, that’s why I don’t have photos here of the wet area.

Other Amenities

Ace Water Spa also boasts of dining facilities you can enjoy after your spa experience.  The Coffee Lounge serves sumptuous buffet-style dishes all day.  There’s also a bar and lounge on the top floor of the hotel where you can get a spectacular view of the Pasig and Mandaluyong skyline and gaze at the stars after dark.

Hotel Room Rates and Booking

You can book your Ace Water Spa hotel room or suite through Agoda. You’ll be delighted to know that Ace Hotel and Suite room rates are quite reasonable, averaging less than $100 for a junior suite inclusive of air-conditioning, TV, refrigerator, bar, Internet access, balcony, and other amenities typically found in a 5-star hotel.  All room packages offer free breakfasts.

The hotel is conveniently located in the Kapitolyo area of Pasig, a few steps away from the restaurant district which houses establishments serving distinctively delicious and even uncommon cuisine at very reasonable prices.  It is also just across the Pioneer Center, home to a supermarket filled with great bargains in grocery items, clothing, and appliances.

If you prefer to make your own meals and have a more homey feel, you can also find a fully furnished Ace Water Spa Condo for rent at Airbnb. The hotel is on the left side of the lobby and the condo is on the right side. Both of them have access to the water spa area.

We stayed in this spacious 2-bedroom condo unit which has everything you need in a home except for wifi. The best feature of this condo, for me, is the big wide windows which offers a great view of Pasig and Taguig and provide for a well-lit living space.


Groupons and Promos

As water spa and pool facilities are not part of your hotel stay package, it would also be best for you to watch out for special deals and promos which are announced in the hotel’s website or at websites selling groupons, such as Metrodeal.  For instance, you can enjoy the water spa facilities for only Php 380 instead of the usual Php500 per person rate. Metrodeal often features the groupons, almost every one or two months, so you shouldn’t miss these great deals.

Metrodeal Booth

Metrodeal Booth were you can present your water spa voucher

To book a hotel room in Ace Hotel and Suite, just go to Agoda.com.

To rent a condo unit in Ace Water Spa Condo:

  1. Create an account on Airbnb.

  2. Once you have an Airbnb, contact the owner of the Ace Condo unit here.

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